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Researcher creates poetic AI applications that compete with ChatGPT

Notwithstanding its prevalence, ChatGPT has been condemned for creating untrustworthy and one-sided list items. For instance, the conclusion of a recent media report was that “ChatGPT Is Pretty Bad At Poetry, According To Poets.” However, this does not rule out the literary abilities of all AI; applications developed according to strict guidelines by the AI lab at INSEAD may be more useful and reliable than ChatGPT.

TotoPoetry, an AI poetry generator developed using a rule-oriented methodology, is one of these applications. According to Philip M. Parker, founder of the INSEAD AI lab called TotoGEO and INSEAD Chaired Professor of Management Science, the lab’s algorithms are the first to achieve three milestones: (1) the longest poem in the world; (2) the first unabridged dictionary with definitions written in verse for some 20 different types of poetry; and (3) the largest collection of poetry written by the same source.

Parker gives an illustration of how TotoPoetry’s rules-based algorithms are superior to ChatGPT’s deep-learning algorithms, which he claims are susceptible to guesswork. When the two AI applications are asked to write a love-themed didactic limerick, the outcomes are as follows:

Poem #1: ChatGPT Once upon a time, there was a love so exquisite that it shone like a brilliant sunbeam, brought joy to every day, and made everything sparkle. This was love that was meant to be, not a scheme. Poem #2: TotoGEO, there was a young Dove girl who needed a word for love.

Like injecting flesh?

It’s actually affection!

That intelligent woman from “The Dove”

According to Parker, poem number two is the superior limerick because it is a limerick and defines love as affection. In contrast, the poem generated by ChatGPT does not adhere to the strict rhyme scheme of limericks. It likewise doesn’t inform the peruser that it doesn’t have any idea how to compose limericks. As a result, a young reader might forever be misinformed if they conclude that Poem #1 is a limerick.

Parker provides a more in-depth analysis of the various AI methods that support ChatGPT and other applications in this INSEAD Knowledge article.

In the months to come, the INSEAD TotoGEO AI lab will release even more ground-breaking AI applications, such as a powerful search engine, a newspaper generator, and a website that resembles Wikipedia.

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